Casavacanza in Roma

Petrapapae casavacanza in Roma, di Enrico Pasini

Summary for your decision

●   You are booking the whole apartment of 80m2
●   Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, livingroom, kitchen, balcony
●   Regular price 90€ / 3 people, local tax (3,5€) is included
●   Here read the house's rules
●   You can book on HomeAway
●   You can book on Airbnb
●   At the bottom are other possible ways to book

About me

Hi, I'm Enrico, owner and manager of Casavacanza Petrapapae.
" "fatti non foste a viver come bruti ma per seguire virtute e canoscenza", ("you were not made to live as brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge").
Ulisse talking in the famous cantico of Divina Commedia. So my lifestyle is similar: be a curious man, be able to listen. Just a last suggestion: each journey is'nt only a place but how you prepare it, your feeling with during and after I share with my wife, Carla, and Giovanni, my son, the passion for good food and for hospitality.
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